Volunteering with City Year changed my life, both as an AmeriCorps member and as an Alumni Board Member, but what it more importantly did was change the lives of young people in Seattle. I saw it. I saw kids change their minds and decide to come to school rather than break the law. I saw kids believing in themselves because someone else did. And I’ve watched those kids go on to succeed in college, even though all the cards are stacked against them. In fact, I was honored to speak at an Opening Day ceremony with one of the students  I watched break down every barrier in front of him and graduate from the University of Washington. We are still in contact and he brings so much joy to my life. 

I give to City Year not because it changed my life, but because it is mentoring and supporting the next generation of young people who will grow into teachers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, and more. 

Even though I left Seattle over 2.5 years ago now, I feel like I know what’s going on thanks to the newsletters and emails I get from City Year. I love reading about how things are going with the new corps members and how alumni can get involved, even at a distance. 

It’s important for me to support the work every year, because I know every gift helps make sure the programs continue. As a professional fundraiser myself, I might see this differently than other alumni, but I can’t imagine not giving to City Year. Considering I was able to live on such humble means when I was an AmeriCorps member, I think it's only right that I do what I can now to help. I wish I could give more, and as I progress in my own career, thanks to the skills and network that City Year gave me, I will. I will never stop giving to City Year because it is still giving something to me. 


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