Students from Emerson Elementary participated in the Global Reading Challenge in March. This challenge allowed 4th and 5th grade students to read up to ten books and compete against teams within their school. One team was able to move on to the semifinal, held at the Seattle Public Library, and compete against other teams.

Here are a few words from Team Awesome after the semifinal:*

Interviewer: What did it take to be successful as part of the Global Reading Challenge (GRC) team?

Ashley: Have good sportsmanship.

John: Read the books two times, remember details, and never give up.

Nathan: Have a positive attitude.


Interviewer: What was your favorite book and why?

Priscilla: Stat because the main character liked sports and hanging out with his friends. They fought for their hometown court and they didn’t stop fighting because it was important to them.

Sam: I liked Haunted Histories because the book is kind of creepy and I like scary books.


Interviewer: What was the most exciting part about the day of the GRC semifinal?

Nathan: When my mom came to support me.

Logan: I was shocked and happy because it was my first time going and City Year came to support us.

Joe: The most exciting part was that this was the first year I went and we competed with other teams and we had good teamwork. I liked it because people came to watch us and we all did our best work.


Overall, it took hard work as the students had to read their chosen books carefully, but it taught Team Awesome the importance of teamwork and optimism—while having fun at the same time.

*student names have been changed to protect their privacy

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