Written by Yvan Le, AmeriCorps Member serving on the Synopsys team at Thomas P. Ryan Elementary School


The Idealist

She once did not know

How she could help the world grow.

She wanted to make change,

But with what to bestow.


She decided to work with the youth.

Because they are our future, in truth.

And so she went out,

With only a heart full of love, clear of all ruth.


At times she felt her stress and debility

Affect her work and ability.

Witnessing their eyes full of revelation

And tiny bodies with hearts full of determination,

She was reminded of her own humility.


Resilient like water she became

Yet her vigor aflame.

She put her idealism to work

Because her students’ success was her aim.


Her work was demanding.

But her team was outstanding.

Through trial and triumphs they persisted

To serve the students they assisted

In hopes they will achieve a higher order of understanding.


Their service year will be ending,

And the rest of their lives impending.

They journey on forward

Championing the City Year spirit that is longstanding.

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