Time waits for no man

At least that’s what they say

This cause deserves applause

but at times I question why I stay

Because I’m runnin’ runnin’

and runnin’ runnin’

My blood’s burnin’ burnin’

and the injustice steady comin’ comin’


And yet no can see how the system is wrong

I'm enthralled by the way the top never comes down to the bottom

Now I’m not talking about the organization that

bleeds red, writes black, and isn’t afraid to give back.


Because that organization speaks for the child who acts out because at home that gets him attention

It speaks for the young girl that won’t stop running but no one ever asks why

It speaks for the young boy who’s quiet and keeps his head down in the back

We must understand that if you don’t speak, you have forfeited the most important right that this country ever gave you, but even if they tried they can’t take away from you.

Understand that you speak by working with your students to solve problems they didn’t know how

You speak by advocating for that young boy who you find out is being bullied.

You speak because that conversation with the counselor can turn into a campaign stronger than the D.A.R.E. movement itself

You speak as an obligation as it the very thing that lets you know that even without voice you speak through your love

So Speak




Timothy Wright is from San Diego, CA and serve as the Impact Manager at Wheatley Middle School. He serves to see the growth of students, young adults, and the communities we serve and to act as the voice in the wilderness.

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