In case you missed it, on February 18th, 2016, Wheatley Middle School held an exciting assembly to celebrate Black History Month, which I had the honor and privilege to attend.  This engaging event brought together community members, Wheatley students and alumni, as well as many current faculty and staff of Wheatley. Emphasizing the advances that African American people have brought to our society, Wheatley students took to the stage, informing the audience about inventions created by and improved by African Americans.  Mr. John Rodgers, Wheatley High School alum class of 1964, acted as the assembly’s MC, sharing memories of Wheatley as he remembered it, and encouraging Wheatley students to continue in their education, because they never know where life might lead them. Taking the stage with soulful tunes, the many talents of Wheatley students were showcased through performances by the Wheatley Choir, the Wheatley Middle School Band (joined by members of the Sam Houston High School Band), and the Wheatley Mariachi group, as well as a guest performance by the students of Antioch Christian Academy.  Watching our students come together and honor the lives and history of black Americans brought me so much pride and joy.

In his closing remarks, Rev. Kevin Nelson of Calvary Baptist Church, guest speaker for the event, brought a powerful message of perseverance to the assembly.  “Today,” stated Rev. Nelson, “Is the first day of the rest of your life, and you need a plan to make sure you know where you are going.”  He encouraged all in the assembly to be “game changers,” taking on injustices in our communities and showing others how to be a strong and inspirational member of our neighborhoods.  I found these words especially meaningful, as I reflected on my goals as a City Year AmeriCorps member and my desire to truly be a game changer in the lives of my students.  I will remember this event for many years to come.


By: Claire Duran

AmeriCorps Member '15-16'


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