My name is Nuanpan Mongkolpumirat and I proudly serve at Rhodes Middle School with thirteen other AmeriCorps members. I was nervous when I first met my teammates because I was not sure how we would work together as a team for the next 10 months of service. You see, we all come from different backgrounds, cities and have unique perspectives of the world. However,we share one important thing in common; we all want to make a positive impact on the world. 

Ariel: She is a child at heart and reminds me to eat a lot of candy and dance in the rain. 
Ben: He is an enigma who does not say much, but when he speaks, the whole room listens. Ben is always understanding and never judges me when I lose my cool. 
Briana: She is full of creative ideas that can be crazy sometimes (so crazy that it just might work). Briana challenges me to think outside of the box.  
Chloe: Chloe is the most loving person on the team. She hugs everyone and is a good shoulder to cry on when days are tough. 
George: He questions EVERYTHING. I have never met anyone who likes to debate so much which challenges my ideas and beliefs. 
Jessica: Jessica is full of wisdom and empathy. She always tells me that everything is going to be okay, and I believe it because she said it. I don’t believe what everyone says, but I do believe everything Jessica says (she knows everything). 
Jesus: He was my first friend on the team. We get along really well because he is just as sassy as I am. Jesus always lets me rant and then tells me to “chill out” which is what I need.
Katie: She is the voice of reason. I often think to myself, would Katie approve of this?    
Krystal: She is the most honest  and understanding person I have ever met. She will tell me when I am wrong but still have my back. She gets me.  
Melissa: She says what a lot of people are thinking but are too afraid to say. I admire her courage and boldness. 
Michael: He is the little brother I never had. Michael reminds me to laugh at myself at least ten times a day. Although he is the youngest person on our team, he is more knowledgeable than I was when I was his age.
Stephanie: She does a million things all at once without complaining. She is composed of grace and great time management. Most importantly, Stephanie can read my mind by just looking at me. 
Yadira: She is a great listener, always validates my feelings and respects my opinions. Yadira acts tough sometimes but she is the most caring person I know.   

My teammates are the reason why I enjoy work, because of them, I understand what ubuntu truly means. We support each other and care for one another. I never thought that these strangers could have such a positive impact on me and become my friends.They make me want to make better happen and I would not trade them for the world. 

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