Research suggests three things about student learning:

  1. Cooperative learning can be an essential component to student success.

  2. Students retain more when they are able to talk through their learning.

  3. Students are more engaged when learning from someone who is invested and cares about them.

Parent University is tapping into all three of these...and then some. Parent University is an evening program designed to give parents and students the opportunity to learn together. This eight week pilot course is focused on Financial Literacy. Each week they will focus on a different component of Financial Literacy: Savings, Banking, Credit Cards, Loans and Financial Aid. 

This program was made possible by the collaboration of a variety of resources and organizations. The EverFi programming, made available through a grant from US Bank, was connected to the new City Year team at Sac High from a City Year Sacramento alum and now EverFi employee. To make it easier on families, local businesses have joined in to provide meals for the participants of the program.

The plan is to grow the program to provide additional opportunities for parents and students to come together and engage in learning on a school campus. City Year Sacramento is proud to assist Sacramento Charter High School in creating an open, safe and affirming environment that encourages learning for not only students, but their families as well.

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