By Evelyn Lopez, AmeriCorps Team Leader '15-'17, City Year Sacramento, Fern Bacon Middle School

Whether the decision was to take a gap year, attain experience in a non-profit organization, or to a take step into the path for educational change; City Year has been the bridge in connecting Alumni with organizations and sectors through the dedication of service to a cause greater than self.

City Year’s mission to “build a democracy through citizen service, civic leadership and social entrepreneurship” has been the bridge to gathering passionate, determined and strong-willed individuals. Alumni further themselves in their careers because they have demonstrated the leadership skills that are embodied in City Year’s culture and values. It is the skills that capture the attention of the employers nationwide and makes our City Year Alumni such a great addition to any organization or career path.  These values and skills are essential for the next path in my career.

It has been through my two years of service that I have exponentially grown in areas of assertiveness, courage, and boldness. As a team leader, I have been placed in a position to manage a team of ten AmeriCorps members in developing professional skills that will help them both in the educational and industrial world. City Year has paved a path where I am able to lead, educate, and assert myself into the next career path as a chemist. It has propelled me to be able to attain Level 5 Leadership and confidence in my ability to lead others.

The Alumni of City Year leave their year of service with the proper tools to launch themselves into career paths of future teachers, lawyers, social workers, doctors, and more. Make it your year to shine and propel yourself into an organization that will open the doors for your success!

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