Rosa Parks K-8 was one of the first schools City Year served back in 2012. Every year since, City Year AmeriCorps Members have been welcomed back with open arms. The staff and AmeriCorps Members at Rosa Parks makes up a group of resilient individuals equipped with the knowledge and skills to create pathways to opportunities in life. With the combined efforts of both staff and City Year, students learn to be successful in conquering their “ABCs” (Attendance, Behavior, and Course performance). Students are provided rigorous, project-based learning experiences that represent the culture, diversity, and challenges in today’s changing society. City Year AmeriCorps Members spend their days as bouncing around from when role to the next- from role models, mentors, and teachers to cross guards, Crayola artists, jump rope experts, musicians and so much more. They provide whole classroom support, math and literacy interventions, and after school enrichment lessons.  

Name: Amador Avila 

Hometown: Manteca, Ca 

Interesting Fact: I love to travel and have visited 11 countries. 

Future Goal(s): I’d like to continue helping our communities by giving a voice to Spanish-speaking persons that would otherwise be unable to express themselves when needed. 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: Everyone has a fundamental right to a proper opportunity to get an education and constructively contribute to society in meaningful ways. Social Justice for all is one that we should all strive for.  

Name: Eva Loredo 

Hometown: Camarillo, California 

Future Goal(s): My future goals in life are those that bring me happiness, such as food, research/science, and academia. 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: To me, social justice means access to all, for all. I am most passionate about food literacy and access to healthy food for all. 

Name: Kalvin Kule 

Hometown: Boston, MA  

Future Goal(s): My future goals are to finish school and someday in the not so distance future to work in Wall Street. 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: Social justice for all means that everyone is equal regardless of one's economical or social background #changinglives 

Name: Anna Steesy 

Hometown: North Conway, New Hampshire 

Interesting Fact: I traveled most of Europe, Russia, Brasil, and my next stop is Australia. 

Future Goal(s): My future goal is to never lose sight of what matters.  

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: Social justice for all is when every person’s voice is heard and listened to. 

Name: Kelsey Ritz 

Hometown: Kansas City 

Interesting Fact: I have kissed a giraffe.  

Future Goal(s): My future goals are to continue creating, with others, a brighter tomorrow for all. 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: Social Justice means to me that no matter your background, socioeconomic status, or culture that everyone has the right to pursue equal opportunities and excel in our society.  

Name: Natasha Mahdi 

Hometown: Inglewood, CA 

Interesting Fact: I can hold a stare for very, very long time… longest 3 minutes  

Future Goal(s): Becoming an educator 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: Social Justice for all means to me that everyone (citizen or not) has equal and equitable opportunities to reach what they (no one else) define as success. For human beings to live the life they love and appreciate.  

Name: Kou Xiong 

Hometown: Fresno, CA 

Future Goal(s): Self-growth in leadership skills 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: To create a social equity among underrepresented people in the U.S. and reconstruct our system so that all benefit from this system-- as it is the land of immigration and opportunity.  

Name: Tolani King 

Hometown: Oakland, CA 

Future Goal(s): I want to be a social worker in a school setting.  

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: Social Justice for all means that we all have an equal opportunity to live! That we all have the right to basic needs, like education. That no matter what we look like on the outside, we are all the same on the inside.  

Name: Allie SteinerLund 

Hometown: Yucaipa, Ca 

Interesting Fact: I have been a vegetarian for 5 years.  

Future Goal(s): To become either a doctor or a midwife 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: There is no doubt that the definition of social justice for all entails numerous things, all of which are important. However, in my eyes, one of the most important things is access to healthcare. I believe every human should have the ability to see a doctor or healthcare professional when they are ill. To me, it should be a right, not a privilege, to be able to seek assistance when sick. 

Name: Sam Kerr Vanderslice 

Hometown: North Kingstown, RI 

Interesting Fact: I played rugby all through college  

Future Goal(s): Become a fun and effective high school English teacher. 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: Social justice means promoting and spreading equity- starting with excellent education for all children, no matter their zip code.  

Name: Sarah Dunmire 

Hometown: Bellefonte, PA 

Interesting Fact: I can lick my elbow! #talent 

Future Goal(s): Go to grad school and become a city planner. 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: Social justice for all means to me that EVERYONE has the opportunity to have a great education, a livable wage job, an affordable house, and not have to worry where their next meal is coming from. Everyone should have an opportunity to live their “American Dream!”  

Name: Eugene Li 

Hometown: Baldwin Park, California 

Interesting Fact: Studied some creative writing in college  

Future Goal(s): Become a writer and educator 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: It means treating everyone equally and giving value to ideas and skills, to treat everyone as being with equal potential to become something great. 

Name: Elizabeth Snodgrass 

Hometown: Traverse City, MI 

Interesting Fact: I lived with a mini pig named Angelo my senior year of college 

Future Goal(s): My goal is to continue to educate and lead youth in some capacity 

What does “Social Justice For All” mean to you: Social justice means that each and every person has the ability to strive to reach their goals regardless of race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status.  


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