As City Year begins its fourth year of service in Sacramento schools, it is also an opportunity celebrate the start of the fourth full year of service at Oak Ridge Elementary School. City Year first partnered with Oak Ridge in 2012, when eight AmeriCorps members served at the school and piloted City Year service in Sacramento for the first time. Oak Ridge, led by Principal Daniel Rolleri, is an innovative and inclusive environment, which makes it possible for the City Year team to fold into the very fabric of the school culture. 

The campus, home of the Mighty Oaks, will welcome nine City Year AmeriCorps members for the 2015-16 academic year. The AmeriCorps members are excited to greet the students every morning while high-fiving them as they come through the gates, or directing them toward the campus during crosswalk duty. The AmeriCorps members will join in campus attendance initiatives to encourage the students to come every day ready and excited to learn. They will work alongside the students, one-on-one, to help them build their English Language Arts skills. At Oak Ridge you can often see AmeriCorps members keeping up with first through six graders on the blacktop during recess, playing Four Square, or monitoring wall ball. 

Oak Ridge is a lively, joyous and collaborative space, where this year’s City Year team will be able to grow, learn and be challenged right alongside their students. 

Introducing the City Year Sacramento team serving at Oak Ridge Elementary School

Alex Cooperstock, Program Manager

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Interesting Fact: Alex likes to be outdoors enjoying nature
Why Alex serves: I work to empower all students to be their best selves and become the agents of their own educational trajectories and futures. I hope to support all of our Mighty Oaks in becoming critical thinkers and global citizens who truly believe in their own power and self-worth this year.
Future goal: Pursue PhDs in sociology and public policy

Andrew Perez, Team Leader

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, California
Interesting Fact: Andrew is a LA Lakers fan
Why Andrew serves: My year serving with City Year and Oak Ridge specifically was so rewarding I decided to return for another year of service as a team leader.  Though I will not be working with the students directly, I will be preparing this year’s AmeriCorps Members to be the best they can be, and to help them better serve our students.  I am extremely excited for this upcoming year, and look forward to all we will accomplish.
Future goal: Travel the world

Allison King 

Hometown: Ellington, Connecticut 
Interesting Fact: Allison loves to crochet 
Why Allison serves: I think that it is so incredibly important to promote education as well as social emotional learning and I could not pass up the opportunity to participate. I am so grateful and humbled to be a part of this experience.
Future goal: Start a nonprofit counseling center

Jimmela Lowe

Hometown: Oakland, California
Interesting Fact: Jimmela was a member the college prep program AVID
Why Jimmela serves: When I was told about City Year I couldn’t believe that I found a program doing exactly what I wanted to do. City Year is exactly what I need in the classroom: it’s hands-on and a lot of training that I can keep with me forever no matter what field I end up in.
Future goal: Inspire students and put them on the right path to success 

Kimberly Peart

Hometown: Wellington, Florida
Interesting Fact: Kimberly is a sports enthusiast. 
Why Kimberly serves: “I serve because I understand that not every child has had the opportunity that I had to move out of downturned neighborhoods and escape from the crime. I want to be able to help a child see that there are people out there willing to help them with their goals in life, willing to listen to their problems, and willing to help them solve them.”
Future goal: Earn her degree in business

Megan Reynolds

Hometown: Ormond Beach, Florida 
Interesting Fact: Megan loves to travel 
Why Megan serves: City Year is an opportunity for me to obtain real classroom experience while making a measurable difference in children’s lives. I wholeheartedly believe that education is one of the most powerful tools we can give children, and to have the chance to support that education for my students is a gift.
Future goal: Obtain her teaching certification

Michelle Mitani

Hometown: Walnut Creek, California
Interesting Fact: Michelle loves to cook and bake 
Why Michelle serves: I serve to make the impossible, possible: to make a difference in local communities by providing students with the tools and support they need to unlock their full potential so that they no longer view academic success as an impossible task, but rather a possible, achievable outcome of hard work and perseverance. 
Future goal: Become an academic advisor at University of California, Riverside

Monty Walker

Hometown: Sacramento, California
Interesting Fact: Monty is passionate about math
Why Monty serves: I serve because far too often, inner-city, low-income, high-poverty, and people of color are cast aside while more privileged students are given the best supplies, time, guidance, and care. I joined City Year to give every student an audience, an ally, a resource, a friend.
Future goal: Earn a master’s degree in social work

Rogelio Jacobo Mendoza

Hometown: Fresno, California
Interesting Fact: Rogelio is a professional barber
Why Rogelio serves: Why I serve is to give students the support they need at a young age. Although I was blessed to have educators who strived and pushed me through high school, I realized that if had gained the support at an earlier age, I would have been able to develop my tool kit in grammar and improve my fluency in writing and reading. 
Future goal: Earn a master’s degree in social work 

Sunny Vang

Hometown: Sacramento, California
Interesting Fact: Sunny participated in JROTC in high school
Why Sunny serves: I chose to serve as a City Year member to gain real life experience, establish connections, to be a support system and a role model to children who grow up in neighborhoods or situations similar to mine.
Future goal: Serve in the military or with another AmeriCor
ps program

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