City Year, Inc. enjoys the support of 10 National Partners who support the overall work of City Year across the country.  Our National Partners work side by side with City Year lending their time, expertise and resources to support our mission of fighting the dropout crisis.

Cisco first partnered with City Year in 1993, and has been an instrumental supporter of City Year’s Whole School, Whole Child model for school-based service and after-school programs. This partnership is an example of what a leading technology company and national non-profit organization can accomplish together. The partnership has allowed City Year to further its mission of keeping students in school and on track to graduation by using Cisco’s technologies to facilitate collaborative training and communication nationwide.

In addition to their national support, Cisco’s local Community Council – a group of civic-minded employees – has been working with City Year Sacramento/Capital Region to increase our impact on student literacy right here in the schools we serve.

During the 2013-2014 school year we partnered to launch a pilot program that would allow Cisco employees from anywhere in the world to tutor a student in need of English Language Arts intervention using WebEx technology. This unique public-private partnership has allowed City Year to expand our services to more students, unlocking their potential. This program saw incredible results last year, almost 100% of students receiving tutoring support saw gains in their early literacy skills and Cisco employees volunteered over 40 hours of support.

Over the past few months, City Year Sacramento/Capital Region and Cisco have been working closely to identify the program’s successes and opportunities for growth so that our second year of implementation will be even stronger than the first.

Whether your organization’s focus is workforce development, employee engagement, or a commitment to the community, we can work together to develop a partnership package that’s tailored to your needs. For partnership opportunities please contact Michelle Silva, Business Development & Marketing Director at 916.403.3712 or msilva@cityyear.org

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