Teamwork: We strive to work powerfully together in a unified effort to achieve our goals.

City Year is based on a set of values, one being that of teamwork. AT&T is a community partner that not only recognizes the importance of teamwork, but demonstrates and supports this value through their commitment to Sacramento’s City Year AmeriCorps members.

Since 2012, AT&T has supported City Year’s mission in Sacramento to help students stay in school and on track to graduate by sponsoring the St. HOPE Public Schools City Year team. Their investment in City Year’s AmeriCorps members is exemplified by the Aspire Mentoring program. AT&T employees provide monthly one-on-one mentoring to their team of AmeriCorps members throughout the school year.  

This year, as the team sponsor of St. HOPE Public Schools, AT&T support City Year AmeriCorps Members at both Sacramento Charter High School and Oak Park Preparatory (7th-8th). Throughout their sessions, the AT&T mentors have covered a range of topics including financial literacy, resume building and career path opportunities. They have also created meaningful connections with their mentees beyond just these topics.

“The entire mentorship program has provided me with a feeling of support,” says AmeriCorps member, Matthew Glover. “For someone who has no real connections to Sacramento outside of City Year, that feeling is comforting and empowering.”

Each AT&T employee pairs up with an AmeriCorps member, 12 mentor-mentee pairs in total. Throughout their sessions, mentors work with their mentee in both small and large group discussions.

“The goal of the Aspire Mentoring program is to engage City Year AmeriCorps members with the community,” said AT&T’s Vice President for External Affairs, Kathy McKim “and provide a level of professional and personal support they need from AT&T leaders while they are supporting their students.”

During their one-on-one time together, AmeriCorps members are able to connect with their mentors on more than just the identified session topic – including how their year of service is going and what that means for their students.

“The mentoring sessions give me perspective and provides a helpful bridge from the experience of my service year to the rest of my life,” said AmeriCorps member, Tucker Flemming. “More importantly though, that perspective helps me to relate to my students and enhances my level of service.”

In addition to mentoring, AT&T also provides opportunities for City Year’s AmeriCorps members to get engaged and network at other key events and programs that AT&T sponsors. This not only helps them engage with the Sacramento’s local professionals, but it also supports City Year’s goal for each AmeriCorps member to have a foundation for planning their leadership after City Year (LACY).  

“These experiences allow me to network with members of the Sacramento community and hear from incredible speakers,” said AmeriCorps member Adrianna Lucero. “These speakers were extremely inspirational, and I am grateful that AT&T offered me the opportunity to attend [events] with my mentor.”

Professional development opportunities such as these give the mentors additional time with their mentees throughout the year and provides the chance for AmeriCorps members to participate in the Sacramento community during their year of service.

By supporting City Year AmeriCorps members in their personal and professional development, AT&T continues to demonstrate the value of teamwork. Together, they are working to maximize City Year’s impact in supporting Sacramento students on their way to college and career success.


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