Who are you & where are you now?

My name is Parke Hudson and I served at City Year Sacramento during the 2012-2013 year at Leataata Floyd Elementary School. I am currently finishing my third year of medical school at UC Riverside and am planning on specializing in surgery. 

How did City Year prepare you for your Leadership After City Year (LACY)?

I regularly use many things I learned during my Corps year in my everyday life as well as in my life at the hospital. At “the Taata” I worked in a 2nd/3rd grade split during the day and 3rd/4th split in the afterschool program. Through my experience I learned the value of hard work and not giving up, no matter what the results, as well as caring about my students no matter what the situation. I apply these values often in my current life. During my first two year of medical school I was able to serve at my school’s free clinic and this year am completing my clerkships at the county hospital. The demographics and challenges of the patients I serve are very similar to the students I served at Leataata Floyd, and there is no doubt that my time with City Year has left me better able to relate to my patient population and anticipate the unique challenges they experience. The healthcare system, much like the educational system, lacks equity and often works against my patients in Riverside, as it did my students in Sacramento. My City Year experience has allowed me to see this reality and fight it tirelessly rather than accept it as an inevitable fact. 

What is your advice to the current corps?

My advice to current AmeriCorps members would be to keep pushing. This time of the year, it is easy to get discouraged and give yourself permission to slack off. Don’t do it. Continue to push for your students but more importantly for yourself. Remember that actions become habits and habits become character. Proving to yourself that you have what it takes to be all in for the ENTIRE 10 months will be benefit you come June whether you have your LACY planned or not. That being said, remember what you are doing is valuable and that you have something special for being able to do it. Pick each other up, encourage one another, and make time for your fellow AmeriCorps members who have had your back this entire year. 

I hope my words have been somewhat helpful. Hang in there, and thanks for continuing the commitment to excellence at City Year Sacramento!

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