City Year Providence was founded in 1993, and since then more than1,300 members have served and supported this community. Every year we commit ourselves to improving the experience of our AmeriCorps members and increasing the positive impact they have in Providence.

Our work, from the support provided to students each day, to the physical transformation of education and play spaces, is done in partnership with others. We believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. We value dialogue and creating environments where our differences are supported and celebrated. Your experience as a City Year member will be the most rewarding and powerful when you have a growth mindset and eagerness to learn about yourself, your students, your partners, and the world around us.

Together, your City Year Providence corps will support nearly 1,000 students each day. Using practices shared during training and coaching, you will be able to help students develop socio-emotional skills and strengths, become more engaged in learning, and improve their academic abilities. As a tutor, mentor, and role model in a red jacket, you have a great deal of influence on students’ interests and decisions.

Your year of service will be challenging. Outlined below are the ways that City Year Providence will prepare and support you to be an effective agent for change.

Support for AmeriCorps Members
Learning and Development
Corps Engagement and community Building


In addition to the support and guidance, you will receive from your Impact Manager and Team Leader, City Year Providence's Impact Director serves as the point of contact for all AmeriCorps member policies, support services, and conflict mediation. She works closely with staff in every department to ensure that everyone has information and resources to effectively serve, problems are resolved in a timely manner, and feedback from members is used in decision-making.


City Year members demonstrate a commitment to civic action, educational equity, social justice, and continuous learning. Our Learning and Development program is designed to engage you in experiences which ignite your commitments and interest, and provide you with specific skills you need to enable student achievement. As you are learning, doing, and reflecting, you will also be teaching, observing, and coaching others.

Basic Training Academy (BTA) is a four-week training program at the beginning of the service year. AmeriCorps members are trained in academic instruction, behavior management, social justice and identity development, and in other areas that are needed for supporting teachers and students. After BTA, all members can dedicate their year of service to a person, group, or cause that is important to them at the site’s Red Jacket Dedication Ceremony. The following day, the entire corps, surrounded by friends and family, take the City Year pledge during Opening Day.

Learning and Development Days (LDDs) are opportunities to build upon the training provided at BTA and continue your growth and development. Depending on the focus of the day’s LDD – skill-building, reflection, team-building – teams may spend time in their school, with a small group of other teams, or with the entire corps.

Once in service, all members will be observed working with students and receive coaching from a City Year staff member. Observations and coaching help members effectively put the information and tools they’ve received into practice with students. Corps members and coaches work together to identify opportunities to improve support and create plans to help you progress in building your skills, confidence, and comfort.

In addition to regularly scheduled meetings with your supervisor, you will have three formal performance conversations throughout the service year. The first is to establish and review your goals for your work with students. The second is to review progress to date and discuss what support you may need. And the final at the end of the year is to assess progress and ensure you are ready for what is next.

Mid-Year Summit is a full-day community building retreat for the entire City Year Providence corps. Typically scheduled in February, the Summit will include reflection, team building and data reviews to enable corps members and staff to start the second half of the year with renewed energy and commitment.


The City Year Providence community will be strongest when members can contribute their perspective, skills, and feedback to site-wide projects. There are many opportunities to do so, two of which are highlighted below.

The Corps Council, with representation from each school-based team, meets frequently with the Chief of Staff and other site leaders to discuss a wide variety of policies and practices. On occasion, the Corps Council leads the planning or implementation of specific initiatives in addition to being a source of information and feedback on behalf of their teammates.

City Year Providence's Affinity Groups are opportunities to connect with others who share similar identities and help foster connection and inclusion at the site. Over the past years, staff and corps members have self-organized a variety of affinity groups. Future affinity groups will reflect the needs and desires of our community.