By Victoria Cummings, serving on the TriMix Foundation Team at Pleasant View Elementary School

During the month of October, Pleasant View had its first of the monthly writing contests, as one of our English Language Arts (ELA) initiatives, headed by our ELA coordinator Bethany Reppert. The writing contest was open to 3rd-5th graders. The prompt was “If I had a million dollars, I would buy my school…”. There were about 30 entries and a winner was chosen from each grade level. Here are some excerpts from our winning entries:

"If I had a million dollars, I’d buy books, paper, pencils, journals, books to read in free time, folders, buy Ronnie materials for cleaning and buy Mr. Frias art materials for painting. Buy Miss Roy instruments. Buy the gym teacher balls, jump ropes, and basketballs. Buy  Miss Hafey more books and more shelves and stuff for the book fair. And teachers if I had a million dollars I will buy you more assistants to help the classroom and for the classroom to be smart. I would buy Dr. G an assistant to because Dr. G is so tired.  She runs all over the school to help others to be kind to others so nobody gets hurt."


3rd grade


"If I had a million of dollars, I would buy my school our own lockers with a lock for our bookbags and coats. I will buy new desks, new tables, new Dell computers, new iPods for the special Ed students. For the gym I will get more basketballs, footballs, and equipment for students to play with. I will donate for liver cancer."


4th grade


"If I had a million dollars I would buy my school because it is the most awesome school I have ever been in and I have been here since kindergarten. So when I go to high school and college I would like to bring my childhood with me. I guess it would just be fun. To just have a memory always with me and I can go there whenever I want and just visit and maybe visit a few of my old teachers. It would just be fun. I personally think this school is worth more than a million dollars with all the amazing opportunities that we have and how special and awesome it is so if I have a million dollars I would totally buy this school."


5th grade


This writing contest showed the compassionate, inclusive, and creative side of our students. Many of the students wrote about wanting to donate some of the money to cancer because one of their classmates was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. As students wrote about what they would spend the money on it seemed like no one was forgotten, from the principal, to the teachers, to the janitorial staff, to the students, there was something for everyone. There was even some creativity in the interpretation of the prompt. As seen by the 5th grade winner, some of the student answered it as why they would buy the school rather than what they would buy for the school. This particular prompt gave our students an opportunity to reflect on their school experiences.


Our 3rd through 5th graders are so excited about our monthly writing contests. Some were so excited that they submitted entries for our 2nd writing contest, a spooky story contest, before it was officially announced .




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