By Courtney Davis, Serving on the National Grid team at Gilbert Stuart Middle School

On Wednesday, November 25th, staff members, City Year AmeriCorps Members and students of Gilbert Stuart Middle School met on the basketball court at the West End Community Center. The event was organized by the Gilbert Stuart team’s Behavior Coordinator, Anna Moore, in an effort to reward students that have been exhibiting excellent behavior this year. 

The purpose of this game is to bring about an incentive for students to perform to the best of his or her ability. In the weeks leading up to the event students hounded Corps Members and teachers asking if they could do anything to secure their spot in the game.


The game brought together Afterzone all-stars, teachers, administrators, youth and educators and even a past City Year Program Manager. The tradition that is the annual Staff vs. Student basketball game runs deep and Stephen Larbi, Gilbert Stuart Program Manager 2013-14 came to participate.

There were several rounds lasting about 15 minutes each played by each grade. The girl's basketball team from last year also made their showcase. Seventh grade math teacher and City Year Partner Teacher, Mr. Reyes, made more than 30 points!

The City Year Gilbert Stuart team was sadly defeated by the 7th and 8th grade teams. It was a hard loss, but we will thankfully have next year to redeem ourselves.

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