By Victoria Cummings, Serving on the TriMix Foundation team at Pleasant View Elementary School

Read Across America is a reading awareness and motivation program that gives children around the country a chance to celebrate reading. The big celebration is on March 2, in honor of the birthday of the beloved children's author Dr. Seuss. As part of the festivities, our ELA coordinator, Bethany Reppert, organized a week full of events with the hope that students would gain a greater appreciation of both Dr. Seuss and reading.

There were two week long activities. The first was daily Dr. Seuss trivia question, the second was dress up days. Every day was inspired by a different Dr. Seuss book. One of the things that brought me the great joy was the costume contest that took place on Wednesday. Many students dressed up as The Cat in the Cat or Thing 1 and Thing 2. There were a few students who dress up as Horton, from Horton Hears a Who, and a couple that dressed up as The Lorax. My personal favorite from the contest was the student who dressed up as Cindy Lou Who.

Monday was the start of our door decorating contest. Tuesday's big event was a surprise teacher appreciation breakfast for the teachers, which included coffee and pastries. The main event on wednesday was Pajamarama. Students and their families joined us for a relaxing night to watch The Lorax and eat some popcorn in their pajamas. On Thursday we had a poetry showcase for the 5th graders. Both of the 5th grade classes gathered in the library for lunch and to listen to their fellow 5th graders recite the poems they wrote a few weeks earlier. On Tuesday and Thursday our arts and crafts for morning programs were inspired by Dr. Seuss.

Because we were out of the classroom for a Learning and Development Day there weren’t any planned activities other than the dress up day and the announcement of winners on Friday, but something special did happen in my classroom. One of my ELA focus list students was given the chance to reading The Cat and the Hat aloud to the class. When my partner teachers shared this with me it brought me so much joy. He had great articulation and read with great fluidity. After the week was over the same student said to me “I really liked Dr. Seuss week, I’m really sad it’s over”. I was ecstatic to know that he had a better appreciation for Dr. Seuss and He is more excited about reading now than ever.

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