By Alexander Czuprynski, serving on the Schneider Electric Team at Del Sesto Middle School


At City Year, when we come together at school, for Unity Rally, or for events, we often kickoff with PT or Physical Training. When you hear “PT” you may start to think of jumping jacks and jogging in place, and while you’re not wrong, City Year likes to put it’s own spin on things. We have several of our own moves including Fire Jacks and CY Stretch which allow us to bring calisthenics and City Year culture together, creating a positive and powerful message about who we are and what we do! They are a means for us to demonstrate spirit, discipline, purpose, and pride--four of our civic virtues! During training, all AmeriCorps members become trained and certified in PT.



During Unity Rallies, our physical training is led by the PT Crew which is a diverse group of corps members from all of our different sponsor teams. One PT Crew member, Phil, says he enjoys leading PT because he loves being able to see his “entire team working together in unison.” Most of the corps loves doing it because it starts the day off in an energetic way that gets us moving and awake. Not to mention, passers by will often stop and cheer us on or even join in making it a great way to involve the community and reach an even larger audience.



What can you expect to see when City Year performs PT? Our voices will be loud. We will stand strong and proud. We’ll be doing it to build community and as we do, we’ll demonstrate our unity.


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