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By Courtney Davis, serving on the National Grid Team at Gilbert Stuart Middle School

Striking, eerie and bone chilling were just a few of the many illustrative vocabulary words students crafted into the spooky stories that they entered in the Spooky Story Contest hosted by the City Year Gilbert Stuart Middle School Team. The team’s English Language Arts (ELA) Coordinators, Gina Kinan and Neil Vasquez, headed the initiative. Their main goal was to engage as many students as possible and spark an interest around creative writing. The contest received a total of 85 submissions.

Students were asked to submit their spookiest story free of spelling and grammatical errors. Prizes were given to each student that participated in the contest. The scariest story in each grade received a grand prize. The team extends a huge thank you to Game Stop for donating gift cards to the finalists.

The entire team could feel the hair rise on their neck when they read the chilling words one Gilbert Stuart 8th grader wrote in a story called “The Phantom Children”: “You don’t notice them right away, but how could you? They look exactly like normal children, but they’re not. That’s how they get you. It’s nearly impossible to notice every student in the school. This breed thrives on that fact. The only way to know it’s one of them is by looking into their eyes. You must stare into the eyes of the beast and focus to detect the change. The irises shrink and grow rapidly, but by then they have you. You become one of them. Snatching students passing in the hallways from the lockers and consuming their souls. You live as normally as possible, but you’re different. Preying on the very species that you used to be in. You live virtually always under the radar, until someone stares into your eyes of course.”

Congratulations to the winners!

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