By Courtney Davis, Serving on the National Grid team at Gilbert Stuart Middle School

On Thursday, January 21, 2016, the City Year Gilbert Stuart Middle School Team hosted our annual Martin Luther King Jr. Showcase. This event demonstrated Providence’s artistic excellence in harmony with the social vision of MLK, Jr. by featuring local inspirational talent. Up and coming artists and performers such as University of Rhode Island student and recently signed singer, Olivia King; rapper and singer, Passionate MC; the Providence College break dance club; Rhode Island-native and socially conscious rapper, Truth; and The Dynamic New Force Steppers, a drum line.

These gifted musicians, dancers, and artists poured their hearts into a fantastic performance for an audience of 200 Gilbert Stuart Middle School students. The students in attendance were chosen based on nominations by their teachers. The City Year team asked that teachers nominate one student that embodies the values of MLK, Jr. and one student that could benefit from learning more about his ideals. These students were joined by Gilbert Stuart’s Honor Roll students.

Each performance reeled the crowd in verse by verse, step by step. By the end of the event, students were invited to join the stage and showcase their own flair. The students featured in the photo are only a couple of the future musicians and dancers that will come out of Gilbert Stuart Middle School.

The event created an overall feeling of community and “Ubuntu”, a term that we strive to bring to life during our time with City Year. It means, “My humanity is connected to your humanity.” We are all one people; we are all capable of making a difference in the lives of others. This is a value that we share in common with Martin Luther King, Jr. Being that the showcase is an annual event; we plan to continue to build upon the values of teamwork and togetherness here at Gilbert Stuart Middle School and throughout our community. Please join us next year!

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