Thanksgiving is a time everyone is encourage to hit pause and remember what they are grateful for. At City Year, we are appreciative of the great educators and administrators that make our work possible and it doesn’t go unnoticed by our students either. At Kensington High School, our AmeriCorps members sat down with their 9th graders to put into words why they are thankful for their teachers who make a difference. Enjoy the words of kindness and gratitude below and share a few of your own with the people who have made a difference for you.

"I'm thankful for Mr. G because you're always there for us. I hope you have a good life because I'm having one because of you."

"I'm thankful for Ms. H because even though I give her attitude, she always puts up with me and shows she cares."

"I'm thankful for Ms. B because she cares about my math grade and never gives up on me."

"I'm thankful for Ms. H because she makes me strive harder."

"I'm thankful for Mr. M because he helps me achieve my goals."

"I'm thankful for Ms. B because she believed in me and helped me reach the honors courses."

"I'm thankful for Ms. H for always supporting me and showing me that she truly cares about me."

"I'm thankful for Mrs. C because she believes in my dreams and won't let me give up."

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