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City Year was created on the idea that young people can help tackle some of the world’s most pressing societal issues -- with their service. For the past 30 years, this notion has proven to be true. Since 1988, City Year has served over 2 million children, completed 57 million service hours, and graduated more than 30,000 alumni. Our organization’s founders envisioned providing impact through service, however, what may not have been expected is that service through City Year would eventually become a family affair. This is the case for Omosi Anabui and her niece Terin Anabui; two family members who currently work and serve at City Year Philadelphia. 


The family's journey with City Year began in 2013 with Omosi – affectionately and simply known within City Year Philly as “Mo.” A junior at Philadelphia University at the time, Mo entered school with aspirations of becoming a pediatrician. She had a love for math and science but realized early on that lecture-style learning did not work best for her. She learned best when things were hands-on. Since the road to becoming a pediatrician consisted of many more lectured courses, Mo decided to rethink her career path. She still wanted to work with children, so she pondered the idea of working inside a school.  


“There are so many unsung heroes within schools,” she says. “Mostly, I knew that I wanted to help and that I wanted to make an impact.” With this thought in mind, she found herself volunteering to participate in a community service event hosted by long-time City Year partner and sponsor, Comcast.  


“I remember seeing tons of red jackets at the event. I was curious to know who these people in red were.”  


A staff member from City Year approached Mo, informing her about the organization and the outstanding service work its AmeriCorps members were doing in and for the community. Everything from near-peer tutoring for students at risk of not utilizing their highest potential to after-school programming to community service events such as the very one she was attending that day. This was Mo’s first introduction to City Year, and she was amazed.  


“This organization is something I need to be a part of,” Mo remembers saying to herself. “I left the event not only with a sense of gratification from serving, but with a newfound purpose.” 


Shortly thereafter, Mo applied to City Year and went on to spend two years as a proud City Year Philadelphia AmeriCorps member serving Roosevelt Elementary and Universal Alcorn Elementary schools. She then joined the City Year staff and has since spent the past two years as an Impact Manager at William McKinley School.  


“I love serving and being a member of the City Year staff. It feels good to be able to see the impact of our work daily,” says Mo.