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What made you want to continue your service at City Year? 
I love City Year and wholeheartedly believe in the work that we do. My career at City Year has allowed me to grow and improve professionally and as a leader. I also love working with students on life skills that they can apply in their daily lives. Last year, one primary skill that I spent a lot of time working on with my students was the idea of being a “leader.” We worked on two things, building meaningful relationships with people, and being an individual that knows how to respect others. I saw them take control and eventually they were also viewed as leaders. It is this reason that I enjoy the community that is being built at City Year Philadelphia, and how we translate into the communities we serve in.  

What motivates you at City Year?
I love having the “people experience.” I love being able to work with people and I enjoy working with kids. The experience and opportunity to have a relationship with the students are what I seek and draws me closer to City Year.  I try to find something relatable and create a light-hearted conversation with the students that allows them to open up and feel comfortable. I would also consider myself a jokester and I often use humor to navigate and connect with students.

What advice would you give to the incoming AmeriCorps Member?
Be yourself, be genuine, and be real. You will probably hear this many times, but it’s the piece of advice you should take with heart. Do not be something you are not, because people (especially the young scholars) will see right through you. 

The work of Omosi and her team at Kensington High School is made possible by Program Sponsor, Glenmede.

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