As a Team Leader, what is the best advice you can give for the new Corps?
Be open-minded to the new experience, and the information that you're going to receive. I would also say PAY ATTENTION in those sessions! You'll thank yourself later when it helps you be a better guide your students.  

What is the best part about being an AmeriCorps Member?
The best part of my service day is when I power greet the students into the school building. I love to see the smiling faces of the students as they enter their building. I also love being out there to just check in with the specific students I support, as well as students I don't always get the opportunity to work with every day. 

I joined City Year because I love, love, LOVE working with Urban youth. I knew that I wanted to change the lives of youth after graduating from Widener. I didn't know how I was going to live out my passion, and then I found City Year Philadelphia.

What was the best part of your service year last year?
Last year, I worked closely with a 4th grader on his math and his behavior. We clicked immediately and I asked him what he wanted to accomplish this year. He said he wanted to “make it the 5th grade.” My student had failed the 3rd grade, so he already had a mindset that he wasn't going pass the 4th grade. After working with him for months, he improved his math, specifically multiplication and started taking more ownership and responsibility for his behavior.   

The highlight was when my partner teacher told me that he was “finally starting to get it." Hearing that statement proved to me that I can help others believe in themselves.


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