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University of Deleware

Corps - 2004 - 2005 University City HS

Staff - 2005 - 2006 Recruitment Team

Dave Rosenblum is currently the Photo/Video Production Specialist at the Philadelphia International Airport. In this role, he serves as the staff photographer, videographer, and social media specialist at the site.

How did you find out about City Year?

Well I found out about City Year after college. One day I was shopping for a winter jacket and came across a nice, big Timberland jacket. It had a big patch on the back that read “City Year” and I thought it looked cool. A few weeks later, I Googled it which was around the time that I was trying to figure out my next steps in life. I knew that I wanted to go to graduate school, but I did not necessarily want to go into the working world yet. I went to Philadelphia public schools growing up and received a great education. But I knew that was not the case for everyone, so I always had a desire to give back. City Year seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. Doing something meaningful within the school district that I am a legacy of meant a lot to me. I enjoyed City Year so much my first year that I decided to come back a second year.

Why would you recommend someone do City Year?

The opportunity to do City Year is unmatched. It serves as a leadership program and a social program, while also doing great things in the community. It’s a life-builder. It was a foundation that put me on the path to my career. During my second year, I worked in recruiting and I had come with cool and innovative ways to connect with our audience. Also, the opportunities that come after City Year are amazing. I served almost 15 years ago now and the opportunities that still come up from saying, “I served with City Year” are real; not just in Philadelphia, but globally.

What skills or lessons did you take away from your City Year experience?

I was lucky to lead my team in the field my first year. Through that experience I gained an amazing amount of leadership skills, patience, and the ability to deal with multiple personalities to achieve one goal. We had a tough team, a tough school, and a tough afterschool program, but we were still able to do some great things. My team won an award at the National City Year Convention. Out of the entire City Year network we won, which was an amazing feat.

City Year has taught me leadership, organization, the ability to conduct myself in a professional environment while being able to be relatable and friendly. But also, how to formulate a meeting: making an agenda, joys & ripples, icebreakers, etc. Those are things I would have never done if I went straight into the corporate world. Now, whenever I lead a meeting outside of City Year, I continue to take from that experience.

In what ways are you still involved with City Year?

I am currently on the City Year Philadelphia Alumni Board. I help with corps support, engaging corps members with different things – for instance 18-minute networking. I am really interest in the Life After City Year (LACY) aspect. The corps members are here doing good stuff, it’s a tough year or two. How are you going to take your skills and apply it to your career? I did not have a natural route to my career, so I just want to help.

I also do general service. I attend the service days and I do MLK Day every year. I try to do as much as I can to serve and just spread the word about City Year.


City Year's last application deadline of the year is May 31st. If you are interested in making better happen within the Philadelphia community and allowing City Year to become the next step towards your career submit an application

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