Denise Sciasci, Arianna Page, Vicky Nguyen, and Nick Gross, members of the City Year Team serving at G.W. Childs Elementary take in the professional advice and the views at the Comcast Center in Center City.

On Friday, February 19th, about 100 City Year Philadelphia Corps Members participated in a day-long professional development event at the Comcast Building in Center City. This day was jam-packed with networking, resume building, photo-ops, and more.  This event proved extremely beneficial for all, especially AmeriCorps Members who are still unsure about their plans after City Year. 

The day began with the event’s keynote speaker, Neen James, an International Productivity Expert. Originating from Australia, James charismatically coached Corps Members on how to “Productively Build Your Brand”, and how to “Leverage Your City Year Experience.” 

Vicky Nguyen, a City Year Corps Member serving at G.W Childs Elementary, especially enjoyed James’ open conversation with Corps Members. “She was such a little ball of light,” Nguyen commented. 

James offered many tips on how to prepare for an interview, what to wear and what types of questions to ask. She stressed the importance of following up after an interview and writing at least one thank you note per week. James remarked, “There are so many reasons to thank people, and yet few people take the time to do this.” She continued, “It will make you more memorable.” 

Nguyen is confident that she will apply what she learned from James to her future plans. “Learning about what to do and say during interviews will be very helpful down the line when I start to look for jobs,”she remarked. Nguyen plans to join the Air Force after her year with City Year. 

The day continued with a panel discussion featuring a representative from the City of Philadelphia, Lincoln Financial Foundation, the Lenfest Foundation, and the Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Comcast. The panel answered a series of questions on the “Competitive Advantage of a year at City Year.” 

Keith Leaphart, Board Chairman of the Lenfast Foundation, encouraged Corps Members to “stay humble” throughout life’s journey. Each member of the panel stressed the importance of continued volunteering after City Year, whether through a particular organization or an outside group.

Corps Members participated in resume reviews with the Comcast Talent Acquisition Team throughout the afternoon, and concluded the day with a “Life After City Year” panel featuring two City Year Alumni and current Comcast employees. 

Janine Leonard from Comcast began planning this special event in September. Knowing that David Cohen, Comcast’s Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer is extremely passionate about this event, Leonard put much time and effort into making sure this day went smoothly. 

Many Corps Members took Neen James’ advice to heart and stayed after the event to thank the Comcast Employees and guest speakers. The highlight of Leonard’s day was receiving “Thank-yous” from Corps Members during and after the event. “Even one thank-you from a Corps Member made this day worthwhile,” Leonard said. 

Leonard did not know much about City Year prior to preparing for the event. “After today, I want to recommend this program to my son and daughter,” she commented. Comcast Career Day was a valuable event for Corps Members and Comcast alike, and will continue to be a key networking event for years to come. 

To read more about the event check out "Making the Leap from Career to Service" on the Comcast Voices Blog.

Written by Denise Sciasci, City Year Philadelphia AmeriCorps Member 

The work of Denise and her team at G.W. Childs Elementary School is supported by Team Sponsor, CSX  and Program Sponsor, Lincoln Financial Foundation.

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