The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia’s name was coined by William Penn and comes from the Greek words, philos 
which means love and adelphos for brother. He carefully chose this name to instill his beliefs of 
equality and freedom for the city. If Philadelphia is too long to say, just call it, “Philly,” like many 
of the locals do. 

There is no shortage of rich historic and cultural experiences for you to explore in Philadelphia. 
Visit the Liberty Bell, the international symbol of freedom or walk through the first library ever 
built in the country, “The Library Company of Philadelphia,” founded by Benjamin Franklin. Spot 
over 3,000 beautiful murals that give life and color to the unique neighborhoods of Philadelphia. 
To truly experience the city, try an authentic Philly Cheesesteak at one of the many restaurants 
and delis around town. 

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