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I’m from rural farm town east of Kansas City, Missouri and I joined City Year right after college because of my passion for direct service and volunteer work. While in school, I had gotten to make a difference in communities around the world thanks to my study abroad experiences in the UK and Rwanda, but wanted to do my part in enriching communities right here at home. I would say, City Year is humbling. My "City Year" was the hardest thing I have ever done, but was also the most rewarding. I learned very quickly that this work takes more than a strong will and good intentions. More than anything, it takes nerve and a lot of love. What got me up in the morning wasn't my unwillingness to call it quits, but instead was my love for the students and the knowledge that with each new day came a new opportunity to instill in them confidence and hope. My work was not about me, or for me. It was all for my students. The greatest skill I’ve learned is that patience is a virtue, and the importance of it should never be underestimated. After City Year, I plan to use my education award to earn a Ph.D in Political Science before starting a career in international diplomacy, after which I plan on becoming a college professor.

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