My name is Ny’a Crum and I PROUDLY serve on the Starbucks Coffee Company Team at Maynard Evans High School. Being a City Year AmeriCorps member is more than being just an extra face in a classroom. It also means being a role model in the lives of young people everyday, so that we can see lost students turn into future leaders. Every student we come in contact with has a deep desire to reach success. How they reach it, can depend in part on how they see themselves.


Some students see themselves as failures at school, and can begin to think they must quit school and find a job at any hourly wage. Others see themselves as having a “cool” reputation and may think that their success is only possible through illegal activities. Some students just need to know that they can achieve anything and are capable of success.


When City Year comes in, we work to show all students how important they are and what they can achieve in their life - because we see greatness in every student. As role models, we strive to push them above and beyond in everything. Things may not look promising at first, and with each report card, we see our impact in the lives of young people.We believe in the power of young people and know the transformations we take part in, will last a lifetime.


“Help young people. Help small guys. Because small guys will be big. Young people will have the seeds you bury in their minds, and when they grow up, they will change the world.”- Jack Ma, philanthropist and founder of Alibaba


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