City Year Orlando's staff team is dedicated to advancing student success in Orange County Public Schools. Please reach out to us for more information about our impact in the community. For general inquiries, please contact us at 407.581.7570. 

Executive Department
For inquiries regarding board and community partnerships, please contact:

Jordan C. Plante 
Vice President, Executive Director 
(407) 581.7575

Development Department
For inquiries regarding sponsorships and events, please contact:

Kara Robertson 
Director of Development 
(407) 581.7579

Tara Kane Carr 
Senior Development Manager   
(407) 581.7572

Shaloni Prine
Development Manager
(407) 581.7573

Operations Department
For inquiries regarding employment, vendors and media, please contact:

Shaloni Prine
Development Manager
(407) 581.7573

Impact Department
For inquiries regarding City Year Orlando's service in schools, please contact:

Ashley Zenzel
Managing Director of Impact  
(407) 581.7587

Lina Vong 
Impact Director 
(407) 581.7581

Jessi Brown
Training Manager  
(407) 581.7584

Derek Lee
Impact Manager | Memorial Middle School 
(561) 352.8110

Matt Yarvi
Impact Manager | Maynard Evans High School 
(407) 716.3110

Ali Murbe
Impact Manager
(201) 565.5672

Recruitment and Admissions Department
To join City Year Orlando as an AmeriCorps member, please contact:

Leo Evancie 
Regional Admissions Director, South Region 
(407) 581.7588

Chelsea Sims
Regional Recruitment Manager, South Region 
(407) 581.7578

City Year Orlando's Mailing Address:
City Year Orlando
201 South Orange Avenue, Suite 600
Orlando, FL  32801

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