For more than 10 years, Bain & Company has sponsored the City Year team serving at PS 83 in East Harlem, and they take their role as Team Sponsor very seriously. Bain & Company hosts an annual Service Day where every “Bainee” in the New York City office volunteers at PS 83 for a day of service. They also participate in a mentorship program that matches a Bain & Company mentor with each AmeriCorps member on their sponsored team. Throughout the year, these Bainees meet with their mentees to provide professional development and guidance, as our AmeriCorps members get ready for life after City Year.

One of the most engaging initiatives that Bain & Company takes on is the After School Carnival. Each year, a planning committee takes the lead in developing an after school program for the elementary school students at PS 83. Associate Consultant Lindsay Barnes, who worked on this year’s committee shared, “It gave us an opportunity to spend part of our day on crafting websites and Pinterest, coming up with activities for students.”

With Bainees stepping up to facilitate the committee-designed after school lessons, the Carnival also provides a welcome break from running after school for our AmeriCorps members. “My team was so excited to have the chance to come to after school and participate in the lesson with their students,” said Team Leader Marcus Thomas. He added that, “getting a day off from planning after school activities gives us extra planning time for other activities.”

At this year’s After School Carnival, students learned about and experienced different ecosystems. Students traveled from station to station to learn about the Artic, the Ocean, the Rainforest and the Woodlands. At each station, students explored the unique characteristics of these ecosystems and discussed the animals that they may find in them.

First, students visited the rainforest where they created art pieces that represented the diverse array of animals found in these areas. Second, students visited the ocean and shared that Nemo is their favorite fish. After Bainees taught students about the benefits of seaweed, students created fish-tank snow globes. Third, students visited the artic where they constructed igloos and deliberated the impact of global warming. Finally, students practiced their origami skills when learning about the Woodlands.

During the first rotation, Claire Van Horn, Bain and Company Consultant, referred to her co-worker Virginia Graham as an “origami expert”. By the final rotation, Claire conceded that the students actually had more origami skills than the facilitators. Virginia, who is a Manager at Bain and Company, and has served as a member of our Associate Board since 2012, shared that this is her favorite event with City Year. “The projects on our Service Day are great, but this event is just so personal,” she said. “You really get to meet and connect with students.” 

Our students enjoyed the carnival and got take home fun reminders of the lessons they learned in after school. We would like thank Bain & Company for their support and for continuing to set a high bar for how a Team Sponsor can engage their City Year team and the whole school community. 

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