Last Friday, AmeriCorps members pledged a year of service all around the country for AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary. Here are some of the best ways you could have celebrated the big day.

  1. You could have gone to Albany and seen the “Egg”. In Albany, we got to perform amazing service repairing camp cabins and cleaning up campgrounds on the anniversary of 9/11. Afterwards, CYNY repped AmeriCorps alongside other New Yorkers at an “AmeriCorps’ Got Talent” event! Spoken word, step, and pianists, anyone?
  2. You could have woken up at 6AM to become famous at Good Morning America. Think about all the families getting ready for school and work all over the country that saw the red bombers on TV. 
  3. At the TODAY Show, seems like everybody wanted to celebrate with us for AmeriCorps’ 20th Anniversary. Our tem spoke on air, filmed a interview for the TODAY radio program and shared our signiture morning greeting for the crowd. If you were there, you could have even met Carson Daly with us. 
  4. And finally, you could have helped us take over Citi Field. Members from AmeriCorps program from all New York got sworn in by city leaders and notable AmeriCorps alumni.

    Via a live stream, we got to hear President George W. Bush and the former first lady, Laura Bush, send their regards. Meanwhile in DC, President Bill Clinton, who passed AmeriCorps into law, addressed the current corps from Boston to Honolulu. And finally, we heard from President Obama, who helped lead the swearing in ceremony in Washington DC.

For more, check out City Year photos from all over the country.  


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