A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of serving in my first Martin Luther King Service day by City Year. It is customary to serve others on days like Christmas or Thanksgiving, but after being a part of City Year’s biggest service project of the year, this might be added to my annual service projects.

This year our service project was at Arthur Ashe Charter School, which is also a school that City Year serves . During our service day I had the privilege of working with the City Year Alumni Team. It was such an amazing experience to work with people still so passionate about City Year. Of course, everyone I know is passionate about City Year; an extensive City Year team and teachers who need our support are constantly surrounding me.

The Alumni that I met had graduated between 2-7 years ago. They did not serve in New Orleans but they came to show their support for our great cause. They all had new and different jobs, came from different backgrounds, and served in different places. We all had one thing in common; City Year. City Year inspired our dedication to serve and I know when I become an alumni that I will serve my community as a City Year alumni.

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