Lewis Feldstein has inspired countless hearts and minds across the country and in particular in our great state of New Hampshire; our corps members and staff are certainly among them. He served as a speaker at many of City Year’s key events, including Opening Days, Graduation Ceremonies, Starry Starry Night and our National Convention. Lew has also provided invaluable mentorship and strategic advice to City Year’s Executive Director. His leadership, wealth of experience and wisdom, generous and passionate spirit, approach of deep listening and of asking the question no one else knows to ask, has inspired and encouraged longer term and more expansive thinking in the leadership at City Year. Many of the site’s pivotal moments of decision, followed by great success, have been achieved on heels of Lew’s advice and counsel. Lew was the 2009 recipient of our Lifetime of Service Award. 

Lew is the former president of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Prior to joining the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Lew served as Provost of the Antioch/New England Graduate School. Business NH Magazine recognized him as one of the ten most influential people in New Hampshire in both 2001 and 2007.

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