Larry Klane, our longest standing champion, was involved in our work before we were even on the ground in New Hampshire. He was integral to bringing us to serve his state and giving us a place to be for a decade – within the walls of the Timberland Company’s Global Headquarters. Larry was our lead champion at Timberland for all those years and laid the ground work for our individual giving work by helping launch the Leadership Circle – raising multi-year gifts for the first time. As our board chair, Larry helped us bring City Year’s National Convention – cyzygy – to New Hampshire – which was historic in nature – Presidential candidates, 3000 people in-service in one day and the entire City Year network, getting to know our work in the Granite State. Larry’s involvement with City Year is also a family affair – on top of his own involvement his wife, Paula, has done a great deal to support our fundraising events, his daughter was a corps member and is now a staff member at City Year and his entire family pitched in to host fantastic annual fundraising events at his house by the ocean for more than five years. 

Larry has worked and served at Timberland for the past 35 years.

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