Dr. Debra Livingston, Manchester Superintendent, is an emerging champion of City Year. Since she came on board in her new role, she has not only gotten to know City Year in its current capacity, but has also taken seriously learning about what City Year could be if it expands and is leveraged at its highest capacity for the schools and students in Manchester. Both her and her team’s desire to partner with City Year in a way that realizes the partnerships’ full potential has been instrumental in laying a solid foundation to expand our program into more elementary, middle and high schools. This vision, commitment, and leadership will help to ensure the support needed to help children stay in school and on track to graduate successfully.

Dr. Livingston has spent 29 years in education in a variety of roles – teacher, assistant principal, principal, lecturer, director of secondary education and superintendent. Prior to taking her post as Manchester Superintendent, Dr. Livingston served as Superintendent of Schools in Fall Mountain Regional School District, where three of those schools received the Commissioner’s Excellence in Education for student growth and achievement.

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