By Arica Watford, AmeriCorps Member serving at Beech Street Elementary School co-sponsored by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

With the Holiday Season over and the second half of the year beginning, it is important for AmeriCorps members to think about how they will show up to service. We have four months of service already put behind us: and in that time we have had plenty of math night’s, literacy nights, Bring It!, dosage, time to get to know our teams and fellow AmeriCorps members, and most importantly, building relationships with our students. As the first half of the year wound down, and the holidays were quickly approaching, we were eager to get home, rest, and spend time with friends and family. Being an AmeriCorps member takes long hours, little rest, and a great amount of effort, dedication, and energy; some of us felt the need for a much needed break. Being a sworn in AmeriCorps member, we are all dedicated to our service, and give 110%, but as time goes on will we be able to hold up those standards?

It is no secret that the second half of the AmeriCorps year is longer, more strenuous, and more challenging than the first half. AmeriCorps members have to make sure they meet their dosage by the end of the year, we have to stay positive during the winter months, lead afterschool clubs, manage or team coordinator roles, stay on top of our lesson plans, as well as trying to stay well rested and energetic during this time. We must not forget why we are here: for the kids. They value us and look up to us, we must not lose focus, faith or drive.The year flies by, and before we know it, it will be graduation day, and we will all go our separate ways embarking on our LACY plans. We must cherish the time we have with our students now, and appreciate the teammates we work with. The work we put in is worth it in the end and we must not lose that vision. With a positive can-do attitude, a mind ready to serve, and a soul generated by love, we can serve to our very best abilities and embody the true meaning of being an AmeriCorps City Year Member.


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