By Yessica Garcia, AmeriCorps Member, Harvard Pilgrim and Riverstone Co-Sponsored Team,
Serving at Beech Street Elementary School

The countdown for math night began thirty days prior our event. The math coordinators at Beech, Miss Hill and Mr. Tran, put long hours of planning into making the night a memorable one. The space themed event allowed the rest of our eleven person team to get creative, and attract 113 students to land on each planet from our galaxy. The students got to see how high they could jump at Ms. Casteels Martian Hop. Students explored the layers of the earth by practicing their addition subtraction and division at Ms. Jacobs Journey from the Center of the Earth. Ms. Caska provided insight on size disparities between the planets using drawn to scale sizes of the Earth, Jupiter and the Sun at Planetary Size Exploration. Mr. Benton, on the other hand, created a unique station that would engage the parents at Pluto’s Parental Portal.

Pluto’s Parental Portal was designed for parents and guardians to be able to share best practices for supporting their students in math. Parents were given the necessary materials to review information to help them coach and tutor their children in math. Mr. Benton collaborated with our Math Coach, Ms. Grey, to gather resources for parents to utilize, in efforts to create a culture of math at home.  Parents really seemed to like the station and were glad that they could express some of their concerns to other parents.  This station provided an atmosphere that we hope will carry into future events; direct parent engagement. 

Students and family members, along students from other Manchester schools, made this year’s Math Night successful and all of our hard work worthwhile. The out of this world experience was made possible to all the wonderful volunteers who helped us throughout the night. We are also grateful for receiving constant support from our principal and administration. It was truly a humbling experience. As the night continued the hallways were filled with laughter, excitement, and joy. It’s great to see the positive environment both students and parents created at Beech’s Math Night. Alumni Nicole Mayotte said, “Tonight was fantastic!” Throughout the night my teammates and I heard people say, “The earth station was my favorite!” “Did you get a chance to travel to all the planets in Ms. Bolduc’s station?” “The decorations on the celling are awesome!” The night was a tremendous success.

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