By Mary Dubard, AmeriCorps Member, Comcast NBC Universal Team, 
Serving at Bakersville Elementary School

In January, AmeriCorps members serving at Bakersville Elementary School were fortunate enough to have a lunch with our sponsor, NBC Comcast Universal. It started out with an invitation from our team leader, and before we knew it the eight of us stuffed ourselves into a van and were on our way to meet our sponsors. Although we had a little trouble finding our way there, the good food and good company made it all worth it! Comcast provided us with gourmet sandwiches and chips, and as soon as we entered the room, we saw nametags at the table alternating AmeriCorps members with Comcast employees. This was so each of us had someone that we could talk with one-on-one. I sat next to an intern named Samantha. She had just recently moved to New Hampshire, so we talked about her transition to New England winters and what it was like working at Comcast. After a little bit of networking, the conversations transitioned into a group discussion on how Comcast could improve their next Comcast Career Day for future City Year volunteers. 

Earlier in January, NBC Comcast Universal hosted a career day for AmeriCorps members from the Boston and New Hampshire City Year sites. It had many different sessions, focusing on career skills ranging from practice interviews to tips for resumes and LinkedIn. My favorite session was the practice interviews, because they took professional development to a whole new level. After asking standard interview questions, the interviewer gave me feedback on my answers, such as expanding more on a summer experience. It was very helpful!

At the Comcast Lunch, the Bakersville Team was honored that they asked for our input on such an awesome career day. When we gave our suggestions, I could tell that Comcast was truly listening and was excited to hear what we had to say. One activity we recommended was a session to take professional photos. Everyone seemed to love it, and hopefully next year it’ll be a new addition! After we gave a few suggestions, the Comcast employees went around and shared how they ended up at Comcast. We got to hear several different stories, and received a lot of advice on how to succeed when looking for a job. My favorite: “Always be honest!” All in all, it was a great afternoon spent with wonderful people. The Bakersville Team left feeling proud to be sponsored by NBC Comcast Universal.


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