By Flora Kim, AmeriCorps Member, Serving at McDonough Elementary School

As a corps member serving at McDonough Elementary School, I can vouch for the excitement and nerves my team shared around hosting the first City Year-run event at our school this year. The much anticipated Math Night was led by our team’s visionary math coordinators, Amanda Valledor and Andy Kidder, who put long hours of planning into making the night a memorable one. The event turned out to be a huge success with the Pixar-themed stations attracting students of every grade. By the start time, guests crowded the entrance including students eager to show their family what they know and parents just as excited to sneak in some math lessons.

Each corps member on the McDonough team planned a station. We were able to run them with the help of 37 volunteers that included corps members from different schools and City Year alumni. Math topics and Pixar movies were paired to create stations ranging from making pizzas using fractions at “Pizza Planet,” to helping Dory remember how much each coin is worth. Lines quickly began forming at the stations as students strived to get to each one. It was heartwarming to witness the students’ toothy (and some toothless I might add) grins as they conquered each station and received praise from family and corps members.

By the end of the night, 153 students and family members had come through, making this year’s Math Night the most successful thus far and all our hard work worthwhile. The principal and staff congratulated us on achieving such a high turnout and we are more than grateful for the support we are constantly receiving from the McDonough community!

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