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By Emily Yunes, Service Leader serving on the Parker-Varney Elementary School Team. 


Hallsville is one of 8 schools in Manchester that City Year serves in, and last weekend it was the location of SNHU’s Greek Day of Service! I was fortunate to serve there in my first year of service.  I have many memories at this school and during the service project I was able to think about the impact the new murals, parking lot, and recess games are going to have on my former students and their excitement to be at school. As students are greeted in the morning by their City Years and teachers they will also be greeted by a “Welcome to Hallsville, Home of the Hawks” blacktop mural to help them remember to be proud of their school and to start their day off right. I know they will enjoy the freshened up four-square games during recess and the new murals. When I look at the new football field painted on the blacktop, I think of my starfish student from last year who loved football and is going to be so excited to play with everyone at recess on it.  The murals inside of famous leaders, their future high school logo, and the growth mindset quote paintings for the classrooms will encourage them all day long to keep trying and to look to the future.  

SNHU Greek Life and City Year were able to complete 12 projects that were planned by Principal Mr. MacDonald and the Hallsville staff. The best thing about these physical service projects is how people from all over the community can come together to help support the school. Julia Ucher, the Vice President of the SNHU Inter-Greek Council, said that “people on Greek life really do enjoy the service and giving back… we go wherever the city of Manchester needs us… for some of our members service becomes second hand to them… people really enjoy it and it’s great to see the end result. They enjoy the feeling of helping.”  

Our collaboration with SNHU was so important to the success of this project. With the help of all the SNHU students and City Year volunteers we were able to create a more fun and inviting environment for our students. Seeing how much these projects and service means to the SNHU volunteers really enhanced the project because it was so easy to see how much they cared about what they were doing. As they were having a meaningful experience, they were impacting our students by enhancing an amazing learning environment at Hallsville.  

Interested in serving a year with City Year? Check out our application homepage! Our next application deadline is November 16th.

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