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By Mary DuBard, AmeriCorps member, Comcast NBC Universal Team 
Serving at Bakersville Elementary School

For the past few weeks the Comcast NBC Universal team serving at Bakersville Elementary School has been steadily working towards an extremely important event: planning City Year New Hampshire’s first team-run Community Meeting of the FY15 corps year.

A Community Meeting is a monthly event that everyone at CYNH attends. It provides the opportunity for corps members and staff to re-center and remember the reasons why they serve. A different team plans each meeting. In September the Senior Corps team led the first Community Meeting of the year, welcoming the new corps to CYNH. In October, my team was charged with the task of running a meeting focused on CYNH’s value of “Service.” 

We started by creating our own definition: “Service is a selfless, giving act that embodies Ubuntu, leaving a legacy through dedication.”

As every good planning session should, ours began with a lot of food and brainstorming. We bounced all sorts of ideas off of each other, and eventually agreed to relate ships, voyages, and oceans to our theme of service. We worked together to decide which sections we wanted to include, ranging from Life’s Work, where a team member shares significant life experiences, to Ripples and Joys, where everyone attending the meeting can share best practices they’ve learned or recent happy events in their lives. In addition, the whole team immediately agreed that in the spirit of service, we wanted the meeting to be hosted at the school where we serve and to welcome the teachers we work with everyday to this unique experience of City Year culture.

All of our hard work came together into a 90-minute experience. Planning this Community Meeting was a great way for my team to grow closer and remember what City Year is all about. Although the time together as a site was short, my team hopes the lessons and messages delivered during our community meeting have a long-lasting impact on everyone who attended.


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