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By Chloe Ebel, AmeriCorps Member serving at McDonough Elementary School.

Math Night is an opportunity for the students to come to the school with their families and play math games that demonstrate all that they have learned through the year. The event allows the students to build confidence in areas of math as they are able to accomplish each problem. The event is also used as a catalyst for getting the parents and guardians involved in their child’s education.

The night was planned by the entire City Year McDonough team and there was quite a bit of work and stress mounting as the event drew near. However, on the day of, as the students streamed into the building, the stress quickly melted away. Students’ faces lit up as they recognized some of their favorite arcade games throughout the school and they raced over to begin playing the games. Although the games involved challenging math problems, they didn’t hesitate to begin and prove to their parents all of the math areas they have learned in the last 5 months. Several students even challenged themselves to go up a grade level and attempt the difficult problems and many returned to some stations to replay the math games.  The atmosphere was lively and full of fun as the students raced around the gym and cafeteria to find their next quest.

I am so grateful for the intricate thinking of my team members who ensured the games would be easily understandable to the children and involved active engagement. Students were also provided with snacks! Every station was different and challenged the child in a new way, never leaving the student bored or unamused. We had an incredible turn out and had a total of proximately 250 students and family members come to our event. We couldn’t be happier that we were able to instill a love of math into the kids and offer them support at school as well as tools to improve their math at home.


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