Ryan Sharp is an alum of City Year New Hampshire Class of 2001. Currently Ryan is working at Riverbend Community Mental Health in the children and adolescent program. Specifically Ryan is now a family support provider and the RENEW (Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural supports, Education, and Work) transition coordinator, a service which he provides in conjunction with the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability. Ryan is in graduate school at Rivier University in Nashua, NH, planning to complete his degree in May 2017, and was recently nominated to Psi Chi, an honors fraternity for students in psychology and related fields. Recently City Year New Hampshire was able to sit down with Ryan’s parents, Scott and Carin Sharp, to discuss their commitment to City Year New Hampshire years after their son completed his year of service. We are grateful for the support of parents and family members of our current and past City Year New Hampshire AmeriCorps members and really appreciate listening to their perspective on our program. Here are some of Scott and Carin Sharp’s thoughts:

Were you supportive of your son’s decision to join City Year back in 2000? Any reason specific?
“Yes – Our knowledge of City Year reflected an organization whose values and priorities are consistent with our own.City Year appeared to be an organization that while being proactive, also allowed our son to further mature in a good environment. This provided time to ensure career paths were sound and ‘hands-on” type processes.”

What do you think your son gained from a year of service with City Year?
“Some real world life experience, valuable experience in leadership and experience to compete for future employment.”

Why did you choose to stay connected with City Year over the years?
“A way to show our appreciation to City Year for their work in the community and for providing growth experiences for our son. City Year has continued to meet our expectations, providing the kind of work required to make a difference in our communities and helping the next generation of young people to grow into productive individuals to pass that along to the next generation.”

What made you give an annual donation to City Year over the past years?
“It’s our way to demonstrate our strong commitment to City Year. We realize it is a huge challenge to run an organization in times of constrained funding sources (Federal Government), with changing levels of corporate commitments.  Individual giving is a small way to send a message to those who manage City Year programs that there are families who strongly believe in the work and commitment they accomplish.”

What thoughts do you have to share with current and or parents of prospective AmeriCorps members?
“Your choice to commitment a year or more of your life to City Year projects will be a source of pride throughout your life. You will later reflect back on what you learned at City Year.  More importantly, you demonstrated a commitment through your hard work to make a difference in the lives of young people and communities. There’s hardly a more noble effort you can give to our world.”

What’s one or two things you would like to see City Year do better and do more of?
“This is a hard question.  If we saw a group of leaders at City Year who lacked commitment, or a level of competence that was lacking, then we might have suggestions for improvement.  But, we don’t see anything other than committed leadership. There is a very strong leadership team that has consistently managed at a high level with excellent outcomes, year after year.  All we would say is ‘well done’.”

Scott and Carin Sharp photographed with their son 
Ryan and his wife, Kate, on thier wedding day.


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