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How City Year Inspired Ceaira to do a Year of Service 

At City Year, one of the greatest ripples occurs when young adults apply to do a year of service because of the impact City Year had on them as students. Read on to learn more about AmeriCorps member, Ceaira Mcneil, and how her experience with City Year inspired her to do a year of service.  

What grade do you serve in? And in what school? 

I serve in the 9th grade, virtual classroom at P-house (Casimir Pulaski High School) and I love it. I have an amazing partner teacher who has also did City Year so he makes it easy for us to connect with our students.  

Why did apply to do a year of service with City Year?  

I wanted to become a City Year because City Year helped me in middle school. My City Year at the time was Ms. Shanique. 

In what ways did you work and interact with your City Year? How did they make you feel? What is your favorite memory of working with City Year?  

 Well, my CitYear was there for me to talk about things, and they helped me with do my schoolwork. They really made me feel like I was better than my behavior.  They believed in me. My talks with City Year were everything. Being able to express yourself to an adult that doesn’t judge you, is everything.  

In what ways did your City Year have an impact on you?   

City Year believed in me, and I knew I had to get my act together. They helped me learn to walk away from situations and how to bite my tongue, which got me far in life.  I’m a very understanding person with the help of them. I’m no longer quick to judge, or quick to be in a defensive mood. 

What is your favorite memory you have had with your students so far? 

My students are always cracking jokes. So every day is a memory. ITS THE JOKES FOR ME! 

How are you building relationships with your students that are similar to the relationship you had with your City Year? 

Just making sure I’m there anytime they need me. And I pay attention to all their actions to see if they are acting differently, and may need support. 

How have your students inspired you this year?   

They have inspired me because of the little things I do. They let me know that they love my support even if it’s just a joke I tell them to see them smile.  

 Interested in doing a year of service with City Year Milwaukee? Learn more about doing a year of service, here

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