Marissa Virrueta, Senior AmeriCorps Member, proudly serving as Team Leader at Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics and Science 

Hopes: I hope to build strong relationships with my corps members. I hope to help them grow as leaders while I continue to develop my own leadership skills. I hope to continue my work from last year and continue to have a positive impact on the scholars at Carver. 

Challenges: This year I anticipate the challenge of holding high standards for my team particularly when the school year is busy.  

Leadership Inspiration: I hope to emulate the leadership style of Angela Meadows.   

Nestor Muro, Senior AmeriCorps Member, proudly serving as Civic Engagement Project Leader for City Year Milwaukee 

Hopes: I hope to increase volunteer participation in all service days and at school events. I would like to increase awareness of City Year and increase our presence in the community. Additionally, I hope to increase diversity in community involvement at our service days by reaching out to community members and supporters that may not have been involved in the past.  

Challenges: I know it will be challenging to direct my peers to do tasks at service days or school-based events. I hope to be able to capitalize on City Year Milwaukee's diverse talents.   

Leadership Inspiration: I would like to emulate our executive director, Jason Holton, who has done an incredible job in leading the corps and pushing us to reach goals beyond our expectations. Additionally, I am inspired by my supervisor, Betsy Mitchell. Since the beginning, Betsy has done an incredible job in demonstrating her leadership skills. She demonstrates flexibility and goes above and beyond to make sure tasks are completed excellently. She encourages me to be independent and is supportive. Her leadership style had definitely boosted my morale and I am glad to say that she is a role model to follow. 

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