Anna Crow, Senior AmeriCorps Member, proudly serving as Team Leader at Bay View High Schoo

Hopes: I am very excited about working at a high school this year. After working with younger students last year, I am excited about working with older students!   

Challenges: This year I am excited about strengthening my structure and organizational skills. I hope to work on preparing logistics for the day and to keep my trainings organized.  

Leadership Inspiration: I am a true believer of learning from my students. I know that I learn as much from them as they do from me. The same goes for the team I will be leading this year. I know I will learn a lot from their leadership. I think leadership is about reflecting the people I am leading and allowing them to be a reflection of myself. Additionally, my team leader last year, Lisa Vang, is a great model of that style of leadership. 


Joshua Thompson, Senior AmeriCorps Member, proudly serving as Team Leader at Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education 

Hopes: I hope to empower my team to make the same kind of quality relationships with their students that I was able to last year during my first year of serviceI am looking forward to getting to know the school leaders and administration. I am interested in learning about how school-wide decisions are made. 

Challenges: My biggest challenge as we begin this year will be helping my team create their own identity within the school, independent of the previous teams. 

Leadership Inspiration: I hope to emulate my Impact Manager from last year, Angela Meadows. I admire her style of servant leadership and humble swag. 

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