John and Tashia Morgridge have generously supported an innovative partnership among Milwaukee Public Schools, City Year Milwaukee and Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee.  The couple's pledge of $10.5 million has supported the development of collaborative partnerships among these organizations in four MPS schools to ensure that students are receiving targeted academic and school engagement interventions that are seamless from the daytime to the after school.

This partnership currently exists in the following schools:

  • Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics and Science
  • Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School 
  • Rogers Street Academy
  • James Madison Academic Campus

The Milwaukee Partnership Schools have added and aligned support for students in math, reading, attendance and social-emotional learning during the school day and after school in classrooms, small groups and one-on-one interactions. This is an ambitious plan that establishes a new model of resourcing classroom teachers to increase collective impact. This pilot initiative has begun to provide necessary supports to the four MPS schools as a part of their plans for transformation.

Since the creation of this partnership, progress has been experienced in numerous areas.  A number of activities and efforts supported by all partners have increased focus on improving student attendance and behavior in all four participating schools. Systems to deliver and manage supports are now more targeted and collaborative.

Additionally, in math and English Language Arts/reading, partners and schools have collaborated to progress monitor students, align interventions and classroom instruction based on students’ need and progress, and make changes accordingly when students are not improving.

We are proud to share successes, just 1.5 years into the work, from the four schools of this collaboration.  Some examples include:

  • All four schools show decreases in Office Disciplinary Referrals from last year to this
  • All four schools show increases in the percentage of students projected to be performing at grade level in math by the end of the school year
  • All three k-8 schools show increases in the percentage of students projected to be performing at grade level in English Language Arts/reading by the end of the school year

Because of the generosity of the Morgridges, the Milwaukee Partnership Schools team was awarded the time and capacity to create systems for partners and schools to review students and school progress, and respond accordingly.  Positive results are and will continue to be achieved for and by Milwaukee students and schools.

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