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Sierra Evans

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

School Team: Harold S. Vincent High School

Why I serve: I want to maximize my impact so as a Team Leader I plan on building up other leaders within the corps and building up the students in our schools.

A student who impacted my service: My student Mouse* and I literally got close because she had a pending suspension and our 9th grade administrator wanted her to sit with me for the day and do some work. At first I was just helping her with her coursework, but then we started talking about why she was in trouble. I'm not sure how far into the conversation but at a certain point I had a GroupMe message come across my phone so I checked in and she ended up seeing my screensaver and asked me if that was my grandma. I told her yes and that she had passed away the year before and she told me that her grandma also passed away the year before and we began to talk about our grandmas and how much they meant to us, and the rest is history.

Favorite City Year value: Belief in the Power of Young People

Meredith Waters

Hometown: Brownsburg, IN

School Team: Julia A. Uihlein Team at Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School

Why I serve: I would like the chance to improve students' lives by not only being a tutor and mentor but by being a support system for them. I believe every child should have the opportunity to receive a good education, which will allow them limitless future possibilities. I was privileged enough to be given this opportunity, so I believe it is my duty to pay it forward. 

A student who impacted my service: A student I worked with in eighth grade math class, who had difficulty paying attention and completing tasks. In the beginning, I just focused solely on getting him to do his work instead of building a relationship with him, which didn't allow me to help him be successful. Once I started to get to know him, positive change began occurring. It was wonderful getting to know him and watch him grow both personally and academically.

Favorite City Year value: Empathy

Olusegun Osayemi

Hometown: Abeokuta, Nigeria

Serving as: Civic Engagement Team Leader

Why I serve: I want to be a positive representation of kids who look like me.

A student who impacted my service: A student Michael* wanted to give up so badly in math but through hard work and dedication was able to pass his math class so he could stay on the basketball team and finish his freshman year strong.

Favorite City Year value: Inclusivity

*Names changed to protect privacy of students

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