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Halina Sims

My name is Halina and I proudly serve as a Team Leader on the South Division High School team. I was born by Lake Michigan. I lived in several homes on the Southside and eventually made my way to Minnesota, where I went to school and graduated from Fridley Senior High. I made my way down to the South where I became qualified to receive my bachelor's degree and become an Xaverite. My life's mission came into fruition when I answered the call to service at City Year Milwaukee. During my first year of service, I served as an AmeriCorps member in the 9th grade at South Division High School. 

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Hobbies: Reading, watching K-Drama, eating, sleeping, laughing at Instagram and Twitter posts

Favorite City Year value: Service to a cause greater than self

Why I serve: I serve for those coming from disadvantaged communities, so our youth and elders have the space necessary to obtain the tools and skills vital to success, in any shape and form that comes to them.

Uniqua Adams

Uniqua Adams is the proud Team Leader on the Brewers Foundation Team at Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts. Last year, Uniqua served as an AmeriCorps member at Casmir Pulaski High, and was part of the founding City Year Team at CPHS. Born in her grandmother’s home, she was always destined to be different and unlike any other.  From many hairstyles to the flawless makeup done by herself, excellence is something that isn’t hard for her.  

Hometown: Racine, WI

Hobbies:  Dancing, cooking, reading, watching the sunset

Favorite City Year Value: Excellence

Why I serve: I serve to build purpose in our youth by educating and empowering them to their greatest potential, especially our young black girls. I serve to remove each brown and black child from statistical data that says they will never be anything in this life.  I serve to be better than I was before. 

Send Halina & Uniqua positive thoughts and good luck wishes for the rest of the year, and encourage them to continue powerfully leading their school teams, here! 

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